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I see used Sprinters coming available infrequently and always have to remind myself I already own one. I bought mine for an offshore/training boat as my Janautica has never been reliably remountable in open water and I thought to increase my chances of paddling home vs swimming and towing a boat. Had I read the preceding reviews I may have opted for a different boat as my weight trends 230-250ish depending on the season and this boat IS a wet ride for me. I don’t own any other ski-type boats but have experience in several and this is a comparable ride though a little heavier on the paddle than a V7. The rotomolded hull is a little flexy, especially in warm water, and mine has accumulated significant bottom rash which I’m sure contributes to the sluggish acceleration when compared to injection-molded boats like the V7. 5.5 mph is a full time job, but the boat has another gear in flat water which is not for the weak of back as it begins to plane and paddle resistance lightens somewhat just before 6. I have not paddled it in true competition but in training paddles with entry level Epic and Stellar skis I can stay with the pack albeit with a higher heart rate. The boat is a paddling community favorite as it is essentially the working class grandfather of the go-fast set and gets plenty of sidelong looks as it holds its own with a big man aboard. The primary stability is roughly that of a V7 and the secondary slightly better so while you can’t completely forget about balance while paddling this boat will get you home. At 6’2” with average inseam for height I had to drill another lock point for the easily adjustable rudder, and until I figured out my body alignment (about 6-8 paddles) I had some sciatic impingement but I now paddle comfortably for 2-3 hours with only a 3/4 “ pad at the back of the butt well. Steering linkage is a braided twine and which after a year and a few hundred miles of mostly salt paddling shows no wear though it appears easily replaceable. The rudder and pedals are anodized aluminum and appear original and are holding up well. My boat has rope carrying handles which may have been added and are pretty much useless. In summary, for a good trainer with a ton of character that is a blast to paddle that won’t break the bank you can do no better than a Sprinter.