Name: JH30

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I bought a Tarpon 140 this past spring and it has turned out to be a great boat. I highly recommend it if you are looking for one kayak that does a little bit of everything. I have a 17 ft sea kayak and a 12 recreation Kayak and the Tarpon 140 is the one I choose to use all the time.

The big things for me is the comfort, safety and versatility of the kayak. I have a hard time staying in my sea kayak for more that 30 mins. I am 6'4" with a hip replacement so comfort of the SOT Tarpon is great. I can stay on it for 3hrs no problem. I feel safe on the Kayak. I have taken it in the open ocean, bays, rivers and lakes. I have not tipped or come close at all. I also have practiced tipping over and it is a piece of cake to turn back over and reenter. I often will go for a paddle, drop anchor, go for a swim and hop back in. The speed of the boat is decent.

The only negatives for me is that it is heavy so I got a small cart that works great to move boat and to help slide up on the car top.