Name: perris

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I have the composite its light one shoulder carry portage i have used for 5 years still looks new mango color best for lakes rocks are a problem just avoid hard collisions. I use in lakes and have done over nights on ozark rivers no problem just not a like a tank great gloss finish had many compliments.

More stable than most pack anything plenty of storage takes a beating ozark rivers are mostly rock gardens I have a necky composite and would not take it where I use this kayak hatch is the only problem not water tight so bag what ever you need to keep dry I am really tuff on this kayak but it is great on 2 or 3 day floats bring what ever you need it is heavy if your in good shape you can carry short distance but two people are needed for long portages seat comfortable if you are purist kayaker this is not for you it is a cross over between canoe and kayak large cock pit ,no perfect kayak it is a great option for two kayak owners it is a tank I will never get rid of indestructible

Good kayak for camping tracks well plenty of storage if you don't mind the weight listed at 54# but feels on the heavy side of 54 pounds one person can load on SUV and carry short distance

I've had this kayak for five years, use on Ozark rivers that are mostly rock and gravel bottom they are really tough on hulls I never pamper this kayak - it can take a beating. If you can find this model you will never wear it out, if you're new to kayaking this is a good transition, if you are a canoeist, very stable, large cockpit, big enough for your dog are small kid to ride along. Hard to find new; this kayak is bomb proof.