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This is a great multipurpose kayak. I use it for both solo paddling and paddling with the family. It inflates quickly just using the foot pump. I use the backbone accessory for increased rigidity and find it really improves tracking. While it is a good kayak for all it's intended purposes, it doesn't really stand out in any single one.

First off, I'm not a fan of sit on top kayaks. However, the place where we have our membership only has the Malibu Two XL for tandems. This is a pretty good kayak, your standard plastic SOT. I use it to take my 3 and 5 year old daughters out. It is very stable and easy enough to paddle, even though I'm the only paddler with we go out. It doesn't feel exceptionally fast, even when I paddle it with my older daughter who does paddle with me. All in all a pretty usable boat, but not the best.

My oldest daughter uses this jacket. The fit is quiet good and has plenty of adjustments. My daughter is on the small side and we run into the problem with lesser PFDs that she cannot paddle effectively because the jacket gets in the way. This is not the case with this jacket and she enjoys paddling much more wear this PFD.

I have 2 of these for my twin daughters. This a great jacket for kids. Bought of my twins have no problem wearing this jacket, it seems very comfortable. It has plenty of adjustments to get a solid fit. It seem very save and well made. I anticipate getting many seasons use out of these jackets.

My wife uses this jacket for SUP. It is an excellent jacket, allowing her plenty of freedom of movement and is very comfortable. Overall an excellent jacket for the price.

Great general purpose lifejacket. There are more advanced jackets out there, but this one suits my needs at a reasonable price. Solid construction, so it seems like it will last quite a while.

I use this PFD for recreational kayaking mostly. This is a nice jacket for the price. I really like that it has enough adjustments to get a comfortable, snug fit. I'm a big guy and lesser PFDs tend to get bulges or gaps that are uncomfortable or get in the way of my paddling. I would recommend this jacket to anyone wanting something beyond the basics, but who doesn't need all the bells and whistles of a more expensive jacket.

We have an annual membership to a paddling club. This is the board my wife usually gets. This is a decent general purpose board, but my wife is fairly athletic and out grew it fairly quickly. Pros Low cost, easy to paddle Cons while not unstable, the Ace-tech is more stable. not as efficient to paddle. Usage Recreational, SUP, family fun

My wife usually paddles a dura-tech, but recently got to try an Ace-Tech. This is a significant improvement over the dura-tech. It is much lighter and feels more stable. this combination makes it much more maneuverable and she is much more confident on it. She will often paddle with one of our daughters on it with her, so the additional stability is improtant. It also has a larger foam padded area If you are thinking about buying a dura-tech, i recommend seriously considering the Ace-Tech. You will quickly out grow the Dura-Tech and wish you have the higher performance Ace-Tech. Save yourself the trouble and expense of buying a new board so soon after getting your first one... Pros Light, stable, large padded area Cons My wife sometimes does Sup Yoga, for that one of the larger version might be a good idea. Usage Recreational, SUP Yoga, Family fun

I bought this PFD for my 7 year old daughter. This is a nice entry level youth jacket. It is a solid, good quality jacket that she can put on by herself. The only drawback is the price. She is a the low end of the size/weight range for this PDF so she will be wearing it for a few years. The high quality of the jacket makes it worth the cost because I am confident that it will last as long as it will fit her.