Name: scooterbluz

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I purchased the Tsunami 125 Three weeks ago. IT is my second kayak and of boy does it perform. It is so easy to paddle and have it move. It tracks great and is very fast. I have encountered boat wakes and while my friends got wet from the waves coming over their bow - mine did not. This kayak is a keeper and I don't think I will need to upgrade again. The seat also is very very comfortable.. I highly recommend this kayak for the intermediate kayaker.

This is my first Kayak. I had tried many of them and found this one to be the most stable. I have two bulging discs in my back and this model is great. The seat and backrest are adjustable which really makes it very comfortable. I have made some trips that have lasted four hours and have no issues with my back. The kayak is very maneuverable and very responsive. I can't wait until my next trip.