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Name: fr3agnt

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I am amending my review of the WS Tsunami 165 /rudder, made 2009-02-03.
I gave this boat a 10 out of 10 before and I still feel that way. After adding the WS back band along with the hip kit and will add the Keepers XL foot brace this coming summer. She will truly be The Fleetwood of the river as I have always thought of her. For me, it's the perfect kayak which has gotten better in the last 7 years.

I bought my Tsunami 165 kayak in the Spring of 2008. Took two kayak Safety classes using it, Basic Paddling as well as Self Rescue. Had it out maybe, 45 times last season, paddling in large and small lakes as well as the Detroit River.

Very stable boat, tacks beautifully even without the rudder down. And, with the rudder down it takes away the need to edge constantly to stay on track. Although I hardly ever use it, I'd rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, I've got the best of both worlds with this boat.

I would not mind if it was a few pounds lighter, however the 62 lbs. is not a big concern, as I am able to carry and or lift it without any problem. This is my first kayak, and I don't see having to purchase another for 10 years or so. This may be my one and only boat, very happy with this choice.