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Name: jazzman1161

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I finally got my hands on a Goldenglass Autumn Mist after having heard from owners how they would never give theirs up. With a length of 14'-10" and a waterline width of 28",it is a small solo that paddles big. I was impressed with her glide and easy speed. The step-flared hull sheds water better than any hull I've been in. The adjustable seat that I needed to repair was worth the time to repair.(I had debated removing the seat and replacing it with simple drops and a cane bucket seat.)

Even as short as this boat is, being able to trim it using the slider made easy work of trimming the boat for both head and tail winds as well as uneven loading. If you like to spend your time watching the scenery go by instead of keeping the boat headed in the right direction, this is the boat for you. It has great glide, gets up to hull speed easily, doesn't wander from the direction you point it, prefers "sit-n-switch" only slightly more than corrective stroke paddling, turns best with a sweep stroke originating at the bow rather than a stern sweep stroke and fished really well letting me give more attention to the fish than what the boat was doing in the wind.

My only disappointment was in the location of the front thwart--it was too far away to read a map on a thwart bag and kept me from using the space for small packs or a 30l. barrel.