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I quit solo canoe racing in the late 1970s, I sold my racing canoe and bought a fiberglass Autumn Mist in the early 1980s. I have used it for a workout boat, fishing, river paddling, and open lake in calm and very rough conditions. It does nearly everything perfectly. The only negative characteristic I have found it that in paddling upstream in narrow, very winding Adirondack streams it is difficult to get the bow to turn into the current as you round the bend. A boat with more rocker and or shorter length would be called for. Autumn Mist is being made again. Google "Sawyer Autumn Mist".

This lightweight Grumman was made in about 1970 and has been in the family since about 1975. It was used with an optional rowing rig for several years. I sailed the little Grumman for a couple of years. Another person decided he would like to run whitewater with it. That was nearly the end of the story. After making extensive repairs, I have been using the canoe on a swift twisy Adirondack stream where it performs beautifully going upstream or down. When I was sailing it I found it to be very seaworthy. It is also spacious and shaped full in the ends which makes it ride waves dry and is more comfortable. My only negative comment is that the Grumman 13 footer is slow.