Name: sherrykay50

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Yes, this is 'discontinued' (although essentially now the Eddyline Sikta ST), but I bought the Samba LV version in August from a great outfitter (Rusted Moon out of Indianapolis). I love this kayak! I cartop it alone easily. I've taken it up and down rivers and creeks in IL and IN, and onto large lakes with strong wave action. I kayaked on the west coast, alpine lakes in CO, and throughout the Midwest for several years, trying out many different kayaks, but this is my first kayak. It is responsive, easy to edge, stable, and on my fitness paddling days, I've easily gotten it past 5.3 mph without trying my hardest (and I'm not at my top fitness). I'm just sad it is too cold to kayak now!

This is a standard kayak found in liveries. It is a sturdy sit on top that fills with water constantly (including inside). I suppose one could say it is safe, although I did see a several capsizes in shallow water with deadfall. If there is a wind more than 5 mph, it tracks with difficulty. There are no bells or whistles, but it is pretty indestructable. It was comfortable even with only molded seats and footholds. The Riviera is probably best for flat water in lakes and shallow rivers.