Name: Oldtown69

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My Old Town 158 is a war wagon. It is great to take on a slow river or lake. Wonderful of kids that want to move around the canoe, very stable. Fun to fish from, I have stood up in this canoe to cast. The 158 takes a huge beating and stays in great shape and very functional. I would never sell mine and as very happy to loan it to others thinking about buying a canoe and just want to see what they are like. Very safe for kids, dogs and whatever you wish to bring with you.

I got my Old Town 164 from a very wealthy man in a Chicago Suburb for 200.00. His kids used the seats as a trampoline and I had to replace the seats and had a very new like canoe. I have taken the 164 to the UP of Michigan and it handled very well. Took a ton of camping gear and bottled water (wife afraid to use filters). It tracked well with the weight and we seems to make great time. A bit heavy at if empty somewhat tippy but still great fun. My two sons and I did dump it once in a nice little river and they decided to swim along side the canoe the next mile or so on a hot day. A pleasure the youth of today have not experienced. Brought back great memories so thanks for the dump. The 164 has served us very well and brought much joy. Will never sell it.