Name: Dogpaddle2

Most Recent Reviews

Learned of this company while paddling in Hawaii. The all day board is great size. It has great stability and maneuverability. Used it on a windy day in a lake with boats. No problems. Has 3 fins that detach. The center fin can be adjusted forward, middle or back for your paddling preference and need. Easy to carry ( I am a 4’11 woman). Great company to work it. They were great to work with my husband in having the board delivered from Minnesota to us as a birthday surprise.

Bought this little boat in Ely for my 14 year old daughter who loves to paddle. It is great to handle. It turns on a dime. She sits in the bottom of it on her knees or Indian style and uses a single canoe paddle. She has no issue performing all canoe strokes. She used it in the wind on a lake without any issues. It is super light that she can carry it by herself which she really likes and so do I.

This is a great tandem canoe. It tracks well, but also has great response. The new tough weave makes the boat light and easy to lift. I am a 4'11 woman and can lift the boat up easily. My only complaints is the gel coat- it tend to scratch easily. Maybe it just shows more on my boat as it is burgundy. However, for a boat advertised for flatwater and gentle rivers, I would expect the gel coat to hold better against minor abrasions. The bow area is very small if you are a kneeling paddler. I am not sure my husband would fit in the bow. Overall, I am very pleased with its paddling capability.