Name: Dixieland

Most Recent Reviews

LOVE THIS YAK!!! I bought this boat a couple years ago with the idea I would use it for fishing. I have taken it out around the gulf coast of Florida several times. I give it an 11 for stability.

The features make it simple to use. Rod holders are in the right place, plenty of space behind the seat for sizable ice chest, convenient hatch between your legs for tackle. The Mirage Drive makes this a fishing dream. Pole in one hand, drink in the other, no problem. You can create a bit of a wake without much effort at all. The speed is amazing if using the peddles. If you plan to paddle it very far, be prepared for a serious workout. It's like paddling a cinder block. Its size is built for stability, not paddling speed. Never leave shore without your fins. I have the anchor trolley which is very easy-to-use.