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Name: DanRenzoni

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I am a dealer and I always try out every canoe or kayak I sell. This is a recreational kayak with a large open cockpit and nice but plain appearance. The seat is comfortable for me, but only the back is adjustable. If you think you want one be sure to sit in it for at least 20 minutes to be sure it is comfortable for you. If not, some minor customizing with foam may be in order. This very light kayak is stable and paddles very nicely. It makes reasonable speed with ease, but at about the 3 mile per hour mark it starts fighting further speed gains. It turns nicely, accelerates quickly and has room for plenty of stuff in dry bags; there are no hatches. It feels reasonably sturdy with a somewhat flexible layup and should take some abuse without any breakage. At just 31 pounds it is really easy to handle off the water. Loading on a vehicle is a dream. Stable, roomy, efficient, fun and sturdy describe this kayak.

A numerical rating for these canoes may be a bit misleading as different canoes are designed for different uses. The only reason I didn't give them a higher rating is because they are not fast. These canoe have their priorities very well designed in. They are extremely stable in not to rough of conditions. The long keel line keeps them going straight very well for a short canoe. They hold a ton for their length. Their appealing lines harken back to some early birch bark designs.

These canoes have been produced by others since about the 60s. The present owners have made many improvements to structure so they are lighter and tougher than some of the earlier manufactured models.

If you need a short stable canoe and aren't concerned about making a lot of miles in a day, this may be the perfect canoe for you, and you can't beat the price. It's a lot of canoe for the money.

Fast, Stable, Straight tracking, beautiful, great workmanship. Pros Speed Stability and ability to do pivot turns. Cons nothing Usage I am 240 pounds and this board handles my weight very well. The 12'6" does too but is not as fast when being pushed hard. I tour around and give lessons to others. I am not competitive and don't surf. It is not the best for giving lessons as it is not a highly maneuverable board.