Name: glasman

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this boat has been to the BWCA 10 trips. It will handle well in wind and waves, probably better than my nerves. Light and easy to carry, comfortable, enough capacity for plenty of gear. Not a white-water boat, but can do streams, rivers very well. I am very well pleased with this boat.

I have taken my vagabond on week-long trips to the BWCA twice and would not hesitate to do it again. The boat is stable, tracks well and carried everything I needed to be comfortable. It is fairly light in royalex (no longer available) and easy to carry. My only complaint is with the thwart directly behind the seat, it is too close to the seat and rubbed my tailbone,till I sawed/sanded some of it away for better clearance. I would recommend this model to anyone needing a mid-level solo canoe.