Name: JulieB

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My husband and I bought our kayaks 6 years ago as a Black Friday special. We bought them without any research or knowledge of this brand. For the past 6 years, I have been saying it is the BEST money we have ever spent. We go almost every weekend in our home state of Tennessee. In fact, we say we've been outside more than ever since we've bought them. We have kayaked all over our state oand taken them with us on camping trips to other states: Florida, Georgia, South Dakota, and my favorite - Wyoming. We can kayak for hours as the seats are so comfortable. We've had them in lakes, rivers and bays. We have bought 2 more Wilderness kayaks so that our children or friends can go with us. I blog about every trip and it's been a great resource for others. I'll keep paddling this kayak for as long as I can!