Name: dwyerg

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I've had the Hullavator Pro for several months now and have used it extensively. I mostly live it, but it has some serious design flaws that need fixed. First, the arms tend to snap up when taking off the boat. Second is the annoying whistle when traveling with a boat on the cradle. Most importantly, however, is the fact that the bottom of the cradle oil cans plastic boats. Thule tells me that the hard plastic humps that come to a point help to grab and hold the kayak in place. I've had to work on repairing oil cans from four different boats that have been on my rack. Even if I don't cinch down the cradle straps, the bow and stern lines add even pressure to touring boats and oil canning is the inevitable result. For a $620 specialty product designed to hold kayaks, I expect the rack to not damage my equipment. Sorely disappointed in this product.