Name: annphelps

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I am 5ft 11, 230 lbs. This boat is great for crashing thru 3ft waves out in the middle of the lake. Water NEVER comes over the front or sides, and I am a big person. The seat is very comfortable. It's easy to get in and out of, but a bit tippy if part is not resting on the bottom at shore during entry and exit. I feel 100% confident in anything the lake throws at me. The only thing is I wish the footpegs extended further for my height. It's a good looking, smooth handling boat. I love it!

I am 5 ft 11in, 230 lbs. This boat is super stable, getting in or out. The footpegs extend, easily, to fit my 6 ft height, no more cramped, bent knees. The seat is comfortable, but a bit tricky to adjust while paddling. Best to set adjustments before paddling. Pretty much cuts thru big 3 ft waves, and only have to back off occasionally from the tallest whitecaps on the lake. Due to my large size, a few waves do slop in from the side.

It paddles fast, tracks straight. Little goosey when the waves hit from the side at an angle, takes a bit of paddle placement to track straight.

All in all, an excellent little boat, and at $799 a good value