Name: BVJimmy1969

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I won this kayak from just about a year ago, but only had 2 times to take it out before this summer. I live in Michigan off a lake so I primarily use it there and as some other users have mentioned, it tracks fine on flat water. As soon as you hit waves it takes a little more muscle to move about. I also own a Vapor 10 and compare this to that one all the time. The differences between the two are noticeable such as the seat which in the Vapor is fine but you need something behind your back as a soft rest while in the Dirigo 120 the seat back has a soft area while the seat part is comparable to the Vapor. The cup holder between your legs is oddly shaped and I had quite a time finding something to fit it, but never fear because the front cup holder fits most standard bottle/can shapes, is sturdy and is easily reachable. Next to the front cup holder is the watertight glove box which fits my iPhone, keys and lighter with space to spare. Behind the seat is a small storage area which is smaller on this than the Vapor due to this one having the locking hatch - plus mine is the angler version so the rod holders take up some space as well. The hatch took a couple of times to work it in so it closes quickly but is basically "water tight", but I would advise using the glove box or bring a dry bag as well for important stuff. Also, the thigh pads on this are better and thicker than the Vapor.

Overall I like this rig because I can fish out of it for a long period of time or take it out for a paddle on the lake and be very comfortable the entire time. I put this in a race at Belle Isle and put up a respectable (but nowhere near winning) time, so if you want speed this is not your rig. However if you want a quality stable rig with some added bells and whistles this should be right for you.

Hands down the best kayak I have ever been in. I have rented a bunch and usually Old Town is well represented at most liveries. I picked this up at the local Dunhams and have been happy with it since the day I brought it home. (Wow I sound like a new parent) Overall the stability and ability to pivot in the water are what sells me on it. It's not skinny and won't track as well as a streamlined kayak, but I use this on an inland lake for paddling about and fishing so it serves its purpose well. The seat bottom is sort of padded and the seat back is the flex seat and moves with your movements. It doesn't have the sealed storage areas but you can buy a kit (which will require cutting into your kayak) or like me buy a dry bag and a dry box. The adjustable footpegs on my model are fine but in looking at a friends (that just bought one) it looks like Old Town made them a bit sturdier. A lot of the people on my lake have been showing up with Pelicans and they seem fine but I think the Vapor is a Cadillac compared to the Pelican.

I live about 100 yards from a boat launch and decided on this model to move around an inland lake. I have rented a lot of kayaks and believe that is the most stable of all I have rented. Most rental places rent Old Town so I felt confident in my choice.

I think it tracks rather well for being a wider bottomed kayak and takes on waves pretty decently. I haven't swamped this thing yet and have had a whole lot of fun with it. The notch for the paddle rests helps while fishing out of this kayak and with the open cargo in the back (I did look into the hatch you can add) I can easily reach for my tackle box or drinkables I have back there. There is ample storage up front as well although it will be between your feet. The seat back folds down for more storage as well. The only things holding this back from being a 10 are: the front cupholder is too far out of reach if you are sitting back and the foot pegs need to be a little studier.

When I bought my Old Town Vapor my buddy was with me and advised me to not be cheap and pick up the Magic Plus 230 cm and he was not wrong. Everyone that I kayak with that owns a cheaper paddle complains about being sore after a long trip, but the Magic Plus leaves me no complaining.

It is lightweight, adjustable and an ease to use for hours on end. The only drawback that was mentioned to me by my neighbor is that it is a bit thicker than a standard paddle and it didn't fit his hand quite right.