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Name: Devotedtoad

Most Recent Reviews

Excellent entry-level River kayak. Decent for flowing rivers allowing for the versatility of jumping minor log jams. This kayak has a reasonably flat bottom that allows the pilot to hold themselves in a current without struggling. When out on larger waters it does well but without a skeg it takes a little work to keep it running straight. The rear compartment is easily adapted to open to allow for use of the whole rear area for storage.

This kayak does well with a pilot under 200lbs even though it is technically rated for more. Last summer I did an overnight trip (170lb person and 30lbs of gear) and was pleasantly pleased with the kayaks performance. I would consider it a good buy for anyone looking for a kayak under $200.

Nice sit on top kayak. Great for little lake trips. Tracks well in open water. In a current situation on a reasonably flowing river this kayak is a pain. The ribbing underneath that makes it track so well in open water is easily pushed by he current and will constantly push you side to side. The water proof rear compartment is very nice and can even be tied to the kayak and towed floating behind allowing for much more gear to be stored on the kayak.

Not sure of the top end weight allowance but had no problem as a 170lb person and easily 50lbs of gear lashed on top. This kayak is great for a sunny day out on a pond or lake.