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Name: ChuckB

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I've had my PaddleSki for well over 10 years. This boat is incredibly durable, flexible and highly portable. I have never had a puncture despite many hours of paddling through shallows, scraping bottom on lake beds, streams and dragging onto shore. The ONLY puncture came from a mouse who decided to chew through the canvas cover and through the right pontoon and make a nest one year. This was quite a feat as the material used is just this side of impenetrable. Easily patched and back on the water in 24 hours after letting the patch cure.

I have heavily modified my boat with the upgraded seats (highly recommended), sonar and transducer, anchor with pulley/trolly system, paddle clips, extra bungee lines, rod holders, etc. It is extremely stable and virtually will not tip. As others have said....though this boat paddles easily and is fast... a strong head or sidewind is not your friend - but it's doable. I find it not as fast as a kayak yet faster than canoes. I have had it on the ocean with 2 adults and it was a blast. Very fast and stable. My 9 year old son started fishing and paddling with me this last year and it is a great boat for two and a fabulous fishing platform.

We have (again) upgraded to a 45lb thrust trolling motor and those headwinds are now a thing of the past. I probably could have gone to a lesser thrust motor but the extra power is great.

SeaEagle is fabulous with support and help. I have called many times with "silly" and "serious" questions and have never felt I was given anything but dedication and concerned responses. For storage (at SeaEagles suggestion) I moved the boat from the garage to a large pool deck box. It's ok to be in freezing weather...just make sure you do not inflate a "frozen" boat. Let it warm up and adjust first.

I can't say enough about this boat and we intend to have it for many more years.