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This might be a first for an update on a review posted over a decade ago (15 Sep 2004) for a boat purchased last century - still have the boat, still paddle the boat (workouts on a slow river), still love the boat, still not for sale.

Maintenance routine is to store it upside down and high so it dries, always out of the sun. Twice a year I brush dirt out of the ash gunwales and apply teak oil. Every year or so I lightly sand out the ridges left by gravel and rocks and sometimes apply some polish.

It fell off my truck once so there are a couple places with very minor epoxy repairs, still haven't fixed that dent in my truck yet.

I bought my Advantage in 1995(?). It is the Kevlar version with the stiff reinforced foam floor and ash gunwales. I raced marathons in the late 70s and early 80s and I was looking for something that I could train in, race and possibly do the paddling leg of triathlons, etc. For that purpose, it has fallen short. Solos built later are more efficient (faster), so I am not competitive and, here in the Pacific Northwest, everyone has a kayak (of course a 17ft kayak will go faster because of the waterline).

However, I love the boat. I use it for workouts on local rivers and lakes and for exploring. Although no longer competitive for racing, it is very fast and efficient. Efficiency means you can go farther and see more in a 2-hour paddle. It tracks, I lean it like a kayak to turn. I agree with the comment about secondary stability-I am not comfortable in large waves (though I have surfed motorboat wakes). I also like the comment that a boat like this deserves a high-end paddle (mine is carbon ZRE). I think it is good looking and I still get comments ("jeesh, what an intense canoe"). The workmanship is fantastic, it still looks new except for some Seattle moss and a little wear on the bow from paddling though ice sheets on local lakes. I will never sell it.