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The Vapor 10 by Old Town Canoe is a great kayak for beginners and intermediate paddlers. Ease of entry, manuverability, and good secondary stabilization makes this a great kayak. The Angler version of the Vapor gives you two rod holders, an anchor system and bungie hold-downs. If you don't care about rod holders, anchors or bungies, then the standard Vapor 10 is for you. Two cup holders makes this yak a luxury model. Adjustable footpegs allow the paddler to customize the pegs for optimal leg position. Easy access backrest adjustment can be made without breaking stride. I like the solid handles at fore and aft for carrying the kayak. Tracking is good without sacrificing manuverability. The only negative that I have about the Vapor 10 Angler is the location of the drain plug. In my opinion, someone didn't put much thought into it's location, "Wait! we forgot to put the drain plug in... this looks good. Put it there." You can't open it and position your kayak to drain. You have to hold the kayak in an ackward way to get any water out. Even then, it's next to impossible to get all the water out. I guess that's what sponges are for.

The Old Town Vapor 10 Angler kayak is a great boat for beginners. I've always wanted to learn to kayak, and when my kids expressed an interest, there was no more excuses. I purchased a Vapor 10 Angler, Vapor 10, and a Perception SOT. Between the SOT and the Vapor, I'll chose the Vapor anytime. It's maneuverability is very good and tracks quite well. I have no problem lifting the yak onto an Xterra for transport. The seat is above average, but I always bring a cushion. The molded in paddle holder is very convenient. The bottle holder built into the seat is very handy, but the front cup holder is too far away and too shallow. The Angler option gives you rod holders, trawling anchor, and tie downs. I love the Vapors and would recommend them to anyone.