Name: 1964curt

Most Recent Reviews

I love this canoe, I thought it would be to big to solo, but I was wrong. I soloed this canoe down the green River for a three day trip, it handled very well floating all the way to class 3/4 rapids. Tracks well, maneuvers well, and best of all, even when taking on water it still stays afloat. Only thing I changed was I added a third seat closers to the center, I am 6'2 250 pounds.

I borrowed a Saranac 146 from a friend, after owning old town guide 147 / 158, I can honestly say I am not impressed with the build of three Saranac, the bottom oil cans and feels tippy. I would spend the extra money for the Guide or Discovery models...

I purchased my Old Town Guide 119 last year for fishing, great stability, easy paddling, just loads of fun. planned a trip to Moab, Utah to canoe down the Colorado river in my old town guide 147, but had a problem with the 147 and took my old town guide 119 instead. I was extremely surprised at how well the canoe did, fully loaded with my camping gear and food for 4 days I set off with six other old town 147 canoes, the guide 119 handled all the rapids with ease, class 1 through 5, at 6 ft 2 a little tight with gear but managed very well.

Old Town is in the process of helping me with the guide 147. Old town is a great product and I will continue to use old town as my canoe of choice.