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Love It

Picked up the Perception Pescador Angler on sale for $399 and love it. Wanted something stable and easy to handle that my wife & kids will enjoy on the lake, but that I would also enjoy for fishing. This was just what I was looking for. It's super stable (you'd either have to try to tip it on purpose or take it in some pretty significant ocean chop to ever worry about going overboard), tracks really well, and is reasonably quick. I'm 6'2" and 215 lbs and this yak is a pleasure to use.
The construction is bomber, with quality components throughout. It's light enough for me to carry it and load/unload it on my car solo without much grief (approximately 60 lbs I think). I love the 4 carry handles - one on each end and one on each side - that make it easy to carry with one set of hands or two. Hatch covers fit tight, and I really like the small one in the seat where I can keep my phone & keys.
Possible cons: you'll ride wet unless you put plugs in the scupper holes and stay on calm water. That's the nature of the beast with sit on tops. Also, at 6'2" there isn't a lot of extra leg room left with the foot pegs set to their farthest positions. Especially taller paddlers might want to see how it feels before committing.
Overall, I love it. Easy enough to paddle for just about any user, stable, straight driving, and fast enough. Great yak at a reasonable price that will last for a long time.

Bought a used Synchro back in about 2002, was my first kayak, and I fished the heck out of it in South Florida before kayak fishing was cool. Didn't know a thing when I got it, used it solo all the time, and have loved it.

This beast is heavy. And long. Makes solo loading & carrying night unto impossible, so I got a cart which made it hard but doable. With two people it's easily manageable.

Built to last. Mine is 13 years old and going strong despite much use and abuse. Had one strap break due to time & salt, not surprising. Lots of room for gear and easy access. Best investment was two padded seats with backs & rod holders.

Tracks well due to length. Don't expect to turn on a dime. I used it solo in creeks, canals, coastal rivers, lakes, bays, and even some ocean chop - always solo. Only once had a problem handling it alone when I hit a brutal ocean tidal current and could barely make progress.

Stability is tops. Paddled into waters I shouldn't have a few times, thought I was going to get tossed into deep ocean water, drowned in the waves, & eaten by sharks, but Synchro refused to give me up. Can feel tippy with two big bodies, but ultimately you almost have to try to turn her over. Super easy to get in and out, making it a great platform.

I have tons of great memories with this boat and it's still going strong. Super well made tandem if you ever find one for sale, excellent for fishing or diving, stable, tracks well. If you're man or woman enough to tote it, get it!

Have had the Sundance 12 for about 10 years now and have really loved it. Well made, has endured good amount of use and abuse without any problems. Components have held up, as has water resistance. Light enough to handle easily on my own, just the other day had to carry it a hundred yards or more to a put in and did so without too much grief. Seat is reasonably comfortable. Not a lazy boy, but the inflatable lumbar pad helps. As far as yak seats go, it's on the good side.

Good all around balance of speed, tracking, stability, and agility. Jack of all trades and master of none (except stability) approach that works. There is a tendency to some light zigzagging if you're trying to go straight, but it never gets in the way or forces you to adjust your paddling to correct it.

All around great recreational yak. Mine's lasted like a champ, stable for days, light enough for solo loading and hauling, versatile enough to fish out of, all around good performer on the water. Still love it after all these years.