Name: Miyagi09

Most Recent Reviews

Picked up an older model Prodigy this weekend. I am thrilled with it! It handles beautifully, tracks well and is an easy paddle. With as lite and at only 10', I was afraid the wind would push me around, but so far that hasn't been an issue. Cut through the wake of power boats easily. Only downside so far is the seat, which will be replaced or at least padded very soon.

This is my first kayak as I just started this spring. Though I do go out several times a week either fishing or just paddling. Overall it is very sturdy and very stable. Plenty of room for your fishing gear or our small dog likes to join me occasionally.

My husband has the Ascend FS12T and I really wish I had spent the extra $100. While his is very stable and still paddles very well, the D10T is like paddling a brick - unless you are going with the current. Also, my husband can easily stay in one place with his while the 10' is getting pushed all over. It does not track well either and as soon as you stop paddling you stop moving.

As another person stated the seat isn't that great. While it is fairly comfortable it does not stay in place at all. We replaced that after only 2 weeks. Haven't decided yet if I'm going to keep this for fishing and just get a second one for paddling days or replace it altogether.