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Name: Dollr67

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This is a great kayak for inland lakes and rivers. It can handle up to level 2 rivers. Once you get to level 3, then it begins to be harder to steer. Lightweight and easily transported. The tandem version is nice but wish it had a couple things. 1 being that there were different seats to choose from. The ones that come with it are okay but not as comfortable. 2 being that wish it had some foot pedals. When kayaking alone, foot pedals would make it easier to apply thigh pressure when needed. The skegs are okay but make sure you keep them straight as possible otherwise you will be exerting more energy trying to keep it going straight. 3 being that the knowledge of choosing the right paddle goes out the window with an inflatable. The side walls are so much higher and if your are around 5' tall then finding a paddle that will be comfortable is going to be a challenge. I would still highly suggest an inflatable kayak for people who want to get into kayaking. Easy going and manageable for the recreational beginner kayaker.

I have had a great time with this kayak. I have taken it on lakes and rivers like the Muskegon. Also, have used it on Lake Superior which I was surprised how easy it was too handle on a big lake. With it being only 32lbs and able to be put in a trunk of a car, transporting it is so easy. I love this kayak and try to get out as much as possible but it is never enough. It takes a beating too like cover over rocks and running into fallen trees. Stands up to alot. This is great for a beginner and I highly recommend it.