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Name: marko.45142

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I purchased this kayak for the screaming deal of $599. At this price I can not imagine a better value. This is a very aggressively shaped touring kayak. I have compared to some other touring boats that are much wider and slower. Did a 26 mile overnight last weekend in some of the most heavily trafficked water in Montana. This kayak dealt with large wake, in numerous directions simultaneously, quite well. Secondary stability with a fully loaded boat and lightly loaded deck was really nice. A few of the larger wake surfing boats were able to send me through their waves but I took little water and was no worse for the ware. Fit and finish is nice, seat is fairly comfortable (though I have limited comparison experience), ample tie downs and rescue lines, storage is quite significant. I carry fresh food and beer on trips up to two nights and I think I could probably pull off a week with dehydrated food and minimal luxuries. Paddles fast and tracks well with or without rudder.

The only drawback is the rudder actuation system. The pedals require the whole pedal to move making a proper knee locked under the gunwale kind of tricky. I have been able to overcome this by trapping my heel to knee and actuating the peddle with ankle flex. In general I could not be more happy.