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Name: bergero

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Great does exactly what it is designed to do, haul expedition loads and track well in all kinds of weather and seas. It is extremely fast loaded and a joy to paddle. It is not a play boat, but handles well if you have the skills.

It is not a beginners boat and is designed for expedition use. I do paddle it on day excursions and for surfing, but it is best loaded (like a Nordkapp). I think it is fairly stable for it's configuration. Although I don't like a deep-V hull because it's harder to do seal-launches, it tracks beautifully with or without rudder control.

The fit and finish are very only negative comment is on extra light carbon, kevlar layups...especially clear hull versions. I don't think they hold-up like most people expect them to...not the fault of P&H, it's just what ultra-light lay-ups will give you. This choice is not a good one for an expedition boat (but hey, the customers think they want them....until they actually own one and smack into a rock...we are victims of marketing and our own limited understanding of design/function).

Why not a 10? Well, no kayak is perfect...but this one (in a reasonable lay-up) is darn close and will deliver what it promises if you have the knowledge and skill to use it. Overall an outstanding piece of equipment.