Name: CharlieE523

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Moved to the TideRace from NDK and P&H high volume boats. This is a smaller, faster, and more agile boat. Great for day trips and the occasional weekend jaunt. The fit and finish are exceptional in composite boats - hard to find any better. Graphics and hull finish are noteworthy and head turning. On the water this boat is like a high end sports car. Turns and other maneuvers are a breeze and rolls are easy even for me (6' 3" 195# - 60+ years old) You would be hard pressed to find a better all around weekend touring boat. I understand the new models are every bit as good as this discontinued one. Of you find one used go for it!

If you are looking for a great all-around boat this is it. Not too heavy (I have a standard glass layup), cockpit is easy in and out, and the boat has the same legendary rough water performance NDK/SKUK boats are known for.

The boat tracks great - I have a wire skeg but find I rarely need it. Storage is more than adequate and of ample size for weekend trips. Speed is good for a 16' boat. Handling and maneuvering is outstanding.

Paddle this one and it will be your day to day favorite as it is mine.

A great boat for almost any condition. If you are a…

A great boat for almost any condition. If you are a larger paddler (I'm 6'3"") this is the boat for you. May not have the capacity for longer trips, but is more than enough for weekend outings. The shorter length (I have an NDK/SKUK Expedition as well) makes it easier to load and move without much loss in speed or handling in rough water.

The construction quality is great and the boat is easily adjusted for leg length to lock yourself in, and the larger cockpit opening makes it easy in and out. (The seat back is, as others have mentioned, not up to the quality of the rest of the boat - the only slight negative I have.)

Easy to keep on line even without the skeg down. The boat paddles easily - perhaps not the fastest boat, but certainly stable and able to absorb a chop without any discomfort. As others have said, this boat excels in confused water.

Paddle others to see for yourself, but you will come back to this one. All in all this one is a 10!

While not as fully adjustable for body size/type as some, this is an excellent jacket. Comfortable to wear for extended times and allows great freedom of movement for all maneuvers paddling the real bonus is the easy access to items in the front compartment. This access sets this jacket apart form all others - if you have maps, notes, sunscreen or anything else here is a handy place for it. Try one on - if it fits you you can not go wrong with this one!

The Meridian is a solid and well built boat. Good room in the cockpit for me (6'3" - 190 lbs) and easy to get going. A great boat for intermediate paddlers to enjoy lakes and touring. Hatches are easy to open and close and have adequate room for essentials. The fiberglass version (mine) is easy to carry/load/store and easy to maintain. Not as stable as some of the roto-molded boats but tracks well and will be an easy transition for moderately experienced paddlers.