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Name: Bockc2001

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I'm a big fan of my Jefe Grande. LL seats are the best in the business. I've never used it to any the even remotely close to its potential. I'm still not that great a WW paddler, but I've done quite a few class 3+ rides in my Grande. Most of the people I paddle with run Piranha or Dagger play boats, while you can surf in a Jefe it takes a LOT more effort. The grande is built like a tank which also meant it is HEAVY. Depending on where you paddle, Put-in / take-out / portage, this can be more or less of an issue. Recently I have been doing a lot more flat water playing with the kids, while that is clearly not the intended purpose of the Jefe it's kinda fun to get up a head of steam, stop paddling and spin in circles or pass the kids with the boat facing perpendicular to the direction of travel.

I purchased this board for my wife for Christmas. She waited relatively patiently for summer. This was our first experience with SUPing but after a dozen hours or so on it we're starting to get the hang of it. I'm a little bit heavier than probably optimal for the board but it's still got plenty of buoyancy. Pros The board really gets up and goes when you put some force into it. The standing area is very large and pretty tacky even when very wet. It is very easy to get back on when you face plant. It is ite weight / easy to toss up on the roof of the car. Cons I'm a bit big for the board but I'm pushing 280 so... Sometimes the tacky is a bit too much it makes it hard to move around on the board sliding your feet. Usage We are a paddling family, in addition to the wife's SUP, we have two kids 6/3 with sit on top kayaks, 2 14' canoes (camping), 2 all around / fishing kayaks and a Jefe Grande. This one is mostly just for goofing around.