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I'd been looking for a trailer to carry my family's four 17' sea kayaks and discovered the Yak Packer by Hunter Outdoor Products. It has the saddles built in as part of the trailer structure unlike all the others, has tail and side warning lights, and is built to carry up to four storage bins, two of which are supplied. It may cost more than the unassembled trailers like Magenta's that you can order via mail, but it's much better built and has a bumper that's built to protect your boats. They make trailers that hold up to 6 boats. Hunter Outdoor is in Coeur d'Alene, ID. I drove up from San Diego to pick mine up and hauled it back with two of my kayaks strapped on. No problems at all. The only improvement I made was to add one more layer of padding on the saddles - cost was under $5 for pipe insulation at a home improvement store. Great trailer - and a great way to store the kayaks when not in use.