Name: mrzp99

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I am a disabled veteran, I was injured in service in 2011 and I am now in a wheelchair. Since my injury I have been looking for a quality kayak, that is stable and comfortable yet reasonable in price. I started out with a Perception, I then moved up to a Wilderness Systems Tarpon. Nice kayak just not comfortable enough for me. The next kayak I had was a Jackson Coosa. This was a stable and comfortable kayak however it weighed to much for me to handle alone. That's when I came across the Santa Cruz Raptor.

I have to say for the money the stability and comfort are unbeatable. I was also very surprised with the weight of the Raptor at just 66lbs I am able to handle the kayak without any problems especially with the cart dolly. The Raptor is not a sharp turning kayak but what you lose in maneuverability you more than make up for in comfort and stability. Besides, for an angling/fishing kayak, being able to turn on a dime is not that important to me.

Basically for me the Raptor checks all the boxes... light weight, comfortable, stable, and economical!!!