Name: CoachRG

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My favorite board for lake paddling Pros Stability and ease of paddling Cons Manuverability Usage Touring on large lakes

This board is great for straightline hauling butt! Pros Stability and speed Cons Not a great ocean board Usage Straight line speed on smooth water- racing

This is a fantastic board, especially for ocean use. The balance is phenominal and weight is perfect for surf on North and South Carolina Coast. Extremely high quality. I love this board!!! Pros Balance, stability, response in catching waves, and just overall ridibility and fun! Cons Price. :) Usage Surf, exercise, and just plain fun!!!

A good cruising board with fantastic stability. Pros Very sturdy construction. Extremely stable. Cons Not the best for surfing in anything above medium size waves. Usage Cruising back waters on the Intracoastal Waterway

I did all my research before purchasing my 2 boat free…

I did all my research before purchasing my 2 boat free standing rack, and I'm so glad I listened to reason. Very sturdy (I have 2 fishing tandems loaded), extremely well engineered, and to top it off, fantastic and friendly customer service (Lauri). I am so impressed, I just ordered another wall mount for my yak at the beach house! Thank you, SUSPENZ!