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I have owned two Old Town Campers Royalex. They are one of the best canoes for camping as holds all the gear for a week long trip. It is very stable for me and my wife and love it as a solo canoe too. When in camp you can turn it up and brace the bottom with logs to make a flat table for camp use. Love my Camper.

I have had my Guide about 6 years, bought it used and have paddled on weeklong canoe camping trips and day trips on small whitewater, swamps, narrow creeks, and wide rivers. I love it as it turns on a dime and gives you 9 cent change. It holds enough gear for a week, including water, cooler and all camping gear and food. The Royalex is almost indestructible and have the Kevlar pads on both bow and stern. Love the boat.

The 14'6" Guide model is perfect for weekend and week-long canoe camping trips. It is agile and easy to turn and hold my weight (220) plus camping gear, cooler, tent, food, water for week long trip with ease. Love it.

I just bought a used We-no-nah Advantage, its about 13 years old in tuffweave. The first trip was a 9 mile trip on flat water creek with some turns and a few downed trees. The canoe was sleek and fast and I was able to keep up with a 17 ft kayak with no problem. I encountered some head winds when the river widened and the Advantage was great. I plan on taking in on a week long trip soon and it should handle all my gear.

I bought my camper several years ago used from an outfitter going out of business. My wife and I have paddled it loaded with all kind of camping stuff/gear on flat water creeks and on ocean inlets with no problem. It is very stable and one time on a trip on an ocean inlet to Cape Lookout in NC, there was small craft advisorys which we did not know until later. The canoe handled great. It is now about 14 years old according to the serial number and still going strong.