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Name: LarryC44

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I bought a Capri in June and paddled it all summer, probably 2 or 3 times a week, usually for 2-4 hours each time. Most of my paddling was on the pretty flat waters of Onondaga Lake and the Seneca and Oneida Rivers. I am 6'1.5" and weigh 195.

My experiences with the Capri have all been positive. It is relatively light (42 pounds) and the blowmolding makes it stiffer and more resistant to scratches and other damage. Mine actually flew off the roof of the van on the trip back from the kayak shop (at 65 mph) and only suffered minor scratches.

The interior is good. The seat is comfortable and has a removable seat pad that I usually forgot to use. The footpegs are a little difficult to adjust at time but are functional. There is plenty of room for my size 13 feet. The thigh braces are a nice useful feature. My only complaint is that the hatch is a little difficult to close. You have to apply steady pressure over the entire hatch lid and even then it sometimes doesn't completely thread. The hatch provides adequate storage for a daytrip but it might not be sufficient for an overnight trip.

The Capri tracks well and is very maneuverable. I found it to be easy to paddle, as did my kids, one of whom is 10. I used my GPS on one trip and averaged about 4.5 mph with a peak of 6.1 mph on flat water. I also found the Capri to be very stable, even on a hard/sharp turn. I didn't find the wind to be a problem as the Capri is built with a low profile.

Although my paddling experience is limited to one summer and only 4 different boats (Perception Carolina and Acadia and an Aquaterra something) I would highly recommend the Capri. It has a good combination of good performance and stability that make it a pleasure to paddle.

I got this PFD as part of a package deal with my kayak, so price was not relevant. Very adjustable, comfortable, and looks to be well made.

I got the paddle as part of a package deal with my kayak, so price was not a factor. Well made, light weight, performs well, adjustable. I like it and might buy another with my next kayak.