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Name: HappyRock

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Great boat, faster than it looks. Some construction issues especially with seat frame mounting. Minor amount of fiberglass tape on the cockpit coaming seam and seat frame mounts make this a pretty solid boat for big or flat water.

Keep an special eye open for the holy grail of a kevlar layup boat.

On my first Loon and it's a good condition Oscoda. My other boat is a Shockwave and the Loon cruises along with surprisingly similar effort! If you buy used keep in mind you need to rudder in good working order to cruise! The hull doesn't track without the rudder. But that pays you back later if you're in waves or taking river bends.

A Seawind is remarkably efficient for it immense capacity and stability. Even when paddling along side in a sea kayak 8" more narrow it is tough to keep with a Kruger boat! They hold their line in high waves and stay dry. At the same time their small draft makes them equally at home in shallow rivers and tight bends. Super boat.