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Name: jstefany

Most Recent Reviews

Awesome canoe. Rugged, dependable, able to leap buildings in a single bound!!! Had my Prospector for over 10 years. On lakes, rivers, the ocean... dragged over ledges, slid down steep banks.... always comes up smiling. It's like an old friend. Love my canoe!!!

I've been paddling for over 40 years and done most of it in Canada's north.  I have a Trailhead canoe which is a great canoe but I had the opportunity to do a couple of trips with my bud who has a 17' Nova Craft Prospector Lightweight. Wow...!!!I Was jealous immediately. The canoe tracked well, was responsive in rapids, and was a joy to portage. My next canoe will definitely be a Nova Craft... I just finished watching the canoe fall 100 in the promo video... Amazing! And a perfect fit for the ruggedness of Canada's north.

I have had a Lightning paddle for almost 20 years. It's the best paddle I've ever owned. Light, tough, durable and efficient. It's been used as a crutch, trail maker, filleting board, and tarp holder. It's on its last leg now simply because I've worn it down over the years. Would I get another? A resounding yes!!! Experience the finest in paddling. Buy a Lightning!!!

We've had a Trailhead in our family for years. The 16' has been our favorite. We take out our handicapped son fishing in it. It's been on some of the craziest rivers in the Yukon. It's a great all-round canoe that is dependable, tough and responsive. It's definitely a keeper and would recommend it for any kind of canoeing you do!!

Awesome canoe. I've owned it for 10 years and have paddled all 3 territories and 4 northern prairie provinces with it. The best word to describe it is dependable. It moves great through the rapids and tracks decently on flat water.

Would I recommend this canoe for tripping? Without a doubt.

I've had a Lightning paddle for 13 years now. I love it's balance and toughness. It literally has taken me thousands of miles through all kinds of situations. It's the only paddle I use for white and flat water. It's like having a friend with you all the time. I would recommend the Lightning to anyone looking for a dependable paddle!!!

My canoeing partner bought me a Prolite 4 for Christmas. I had a Thermarest before but not the Prolite. I love it! Easy to pack up, small enough to fit into a corner of my pack and comfortable to sleep on! Buy it for yourself or your friend!!

I've been tripping for over 36 years and each year I wear my Tilley. This is now my second Tilley as my first wore out after about 16 years. The tump line of my pack eventually wore through the front of the hat. They replaced it without any hassle. The hat is amazingly strong and with the extra foam in the top of it, provides good padding for portaging my canoe on my head. The best hat on the market no doubt!!

I bought my Tarn 3 from MEC 6 years ago. I had done my research and from other reviews, it looked like what I wanted in a tent. I was not disappointed. It is a great tent to set up and take down and more importantly, it keeps you dry in the wettest conditions. The weight is decent and having used it dozens of times, there are no rips, tears or zipper issues. For a 3 man, this is the tent to get.

I've had my Trailhead 17' Prospector for 7 years now. It has been scraped, banged, bumped and basically abused during that time. It's taken me through 4 provinces and 3 territories. Apart from changing the kevlar skid plates, it's remained maintenance free. It's become like an old faithful friend that just keeps on giving. At 60 years old now, I think I will wear out before my Trailhead does!I would recommend this canoe to any tripper that wants a canoe they can rely on when the going gets tough. Paddle on!!