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I have owned my Loon 16' for over ten years. No other 16' fiberglass canoe is faster or better in maintaining a strait line in high winds. It is not a canoe for beginners. It is not high in initial stability and in waves over three foot you better be kneeling to paddle unless you are carrying a good amount of gear. I have dumped when paddling with granddaughters trying to turn in 3' waves. We were sitting with no weight in the bottom of the canoe. I have soloed long trips on rivers like the Upper Missouri in 30-40mph headwinds and driving rain and had no problems with keeping my canoe on track.

This canoe carries up to about 900 pounds of people and gear with plenty of freeboard, and does not take on water easily in high waves. Upkeep requires storing the canoe out of the sun and twice a year I oil the gunwales, yolk, and cane seats, and treat the fiberglass and poly interior coat with a silicone UV protection for boats. The cedar cross pieces on the interior of the canoe make it one of the most visual pleasing canoes on the market.

I love my Loon 16'!
P.S.: Better hang on to your Navarro canoe if you own one as it appears Navarro has gone out of business.