Name: Pack489

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I have three of these hoist systems in my garage, one for a 20 ft surfski, and two for whitewater boats. The value comes in that they are relatively inexpensive but can take advantage of the space high up in garages by means of the hoist. Other simple strap systems don't work easily if you have to use a ladder to get the boats up high. With this system you use the mechanical advantage of the hoist to insert the boats on the floor by wrapping the straps around the hulls using the pre-sewn loops in the straps to easily find the right loop length for each boat, then you can pull on the rope and the boat rises up high out of the way. You then tie-off the rope to a provided cleat. All installation hardware is provided, make sure the long lag screws penetrate joists. It took me 90 minutes to install the first one and 60 minutes for the second one.