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Name: Sharonh

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I was in the market to buy a new Kayak therefore I had been trying out a few different kayaks. I tried the Delta out on the river. It was an amazing kayak. The rudder system was very easy to use, the boat responded quite efficiently in the swift current of the river. It was quite stable on the water as well. The finish on the boat was gorgeous; I loved the high gloss finish.

All in all the boat is a very sleek, shiny, classy looking unit, a boat that would be a pleasure to own. The only limiting factor would be the cost; this makes it prohibitive for many to acquire this unit. It is intended for the serious kayakers.

A while ago I had the opportunity to take a Swift kayak out; it was extremely efficient on the water and a pleasure to paddle. I found it to be a little wobbly on the water, which would make this a little scary for a novice kayaker. That being said it was a very nice looking kayak. the price is costly making it unattainable for the average kayaker.