Name: Maur2see

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After borrowing my instructors’ Akiak paddle once I immediately purchases one to go with my new kayak. This paddle is so much less fatiguing than a traditional kayak paddle design. I am new to kayaking and I need every advantage I can get. It also works best with a nice torso rotation. This makes it a good choice to learn with, so I don’t develop bad paddle habits I would have to unlearn later. It is so slim that storage is never a problem either. Keeping it looking nice with new tips is also a plus.

After borrowing my instructor’s paddle, I immediately purchase this as my fist paddle for my new kayak. It is so much less fatiguing than the traditional style kayak paddle. So slim and easy to store too. I like how the paddle works as an instructor on how to paddle correctly; by making nice deep long strokes the most effective insuring a good torso rotation. It offers a subtle fluttering feeling, if you use it incorrectly.