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Name: mfliehr

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I recently acquired a Wenonah Prism in ultra-light Kevlar. It is 16' 6", and weighs just 34 Lbs!
I have always paddled from a kneel in my solos. This boat has the molded seat on rails. That takes away a bit of stability when sitting versus kneeling IMHO, but some stability is gained back by the addition of a footbrace.

This boat is FAST! I GPS'd a 3 mile paddle last night & I was maintaining 4.5 mph easily with a kayak paddle. My max speed was over 6 mph. I switched to a single blade ottertail paddle, and maintained a 4 mph average speed (though I was working harder)You'll have no trouble keeping up with your kayaking friends!

The boat takes waves nicely at an angle or head-on. Taking waves broadside makes it feel a bit skittish. It turns readily, which was a bit of a surprise considering the speed & great tracking.
It is 4" or so narrower at the gunnels than at it's widest, so you don't have to worry about clunking the rails.

The workmanship on the boat is very good, and I like the fact that I can move the seat to balance the canoe after adding a portage pack or a dog.

Royalex 16' Old Town Camper. We love the classic style of this boat. It is relatively lightweight, good speed, good maneuvering, excellent tracking, great stability, and great carrying capacity. No problems with "oil canning"