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This is an update. Just came back from a 5-day paddle outing…

This is an update. Just came back from a 5-day paddle outing in and around St Regis Canoe area. The New Trick 13 performed so well I now have my touring kayak up for sale! This is the perfect boat for the flat waters of the Adirondacks. It did well in chop and wind, but you need to mindful of heading into the wind as it's light weight (22 lbs) makes the bow want to come off the wind unless you stay on top of your paddling. Very forgiving and a delight to pick up, throw on your shoulder and carry to the next pond or lake. Did a 12 mile "slog" on the Santa Clara flow in 90 degree weather, and finished the trip tired but not dead-tired. I see many fun years and miles ahead with this boat.

Just picked up my New Trick 13 after meeting with Peter Hornbeck, his wife Ann, their, 2 dogs, and crew Mike, Justin and Dan. These folks know their boats forward and backward, and it's taken me over 7 years to finally make up my mind that my 16' sea kayak is getting too damned heavy to lug around the great Adirondack waters, with all their carrys (portages to your Midwesterners). I tried a lot of their boats out on their pond and came away with a New Trick 13. At just over 24 inch beam and about 22 pounds it's a sweet solo canoe that can carry my 200 pounds and another 50-60 pounds EASY. Tracks well and paddles with little effort, especially using a super light carbon paddle. I can throw it on my shoulder and not have to be intimidated by the rocky, root-infested carry to some of the best flat water paddling in the world right here in the Adirondacks. Great boat, great builder, and great team of "old school" folks who build each of their boats with one customer at a time in mind.

This is an update to my July 5, 2013 review. I've since taken the Expression 15 on a couple of overnights to Lake Lila in the ADKs as well as extended day trips in the same area. With the back band installed this is a very good touring kayak with plenty of room for gear. It's heavy, but not unbearably so. I have used a set of wheels to manage some longer carries and have even dragged it through some short carries. Would not dare do this with a high end glass hull!

The weight can be an issue but the price delivers a lot of kayak for the money. Tracks like a train with the skeg lowered, and very good turning with it up when you're paddling some tight streams and flows.

Have had this kayak since Sept '12 and I have paddled it quite a bit since then and when the ice melted this year in upstate NY. I like the way it tracks with the skeg down but learned to not like the high back on the seat. I recently replaced it with the Wilderness Systems back band, using the video that's on-line. Not too hard a job and the comfort level has improved greatly. I had some problems with sciattica with the former seat back, but that's been eliminated with the back band. Also, much easier to get in and out of the cockpit. I want to learn how to roll as well as self-rescue this year and this back band will make it that much easier, I hope!

Just bought this kayak yesterday and spent it and today paddling around Great Sacandaga Lake (where we keep our "big boat"). It tracks very well, especially with the skeg down and especially in a cross wind. I was all set to buy the WS Tsunami 140 but when I "tested" the Expression 15 out on the floor of the retailer I liked the fit better and the skeg was a nice added feature at a final lower price that the Tsunami.

I'm 5'10" and around 200 lbs and have absolutely no problem with this boat. I like that the deck height is not as high as the Tsunami as my paddle stroke is somewhat shallow due to shoulder injuries. The seat? Absolutely a winner. Since this boat and WS boats are made my the same company the seating systems are very similar and I like the padding and variability of the entire system. Raising the thigh supports helps me "lock in" and really "wear the boat". I paddled consistently for over 3 hours and was not sore or having any numb spots. The gear carrying capacity seems ideal for an overnight or two (or three or more) and I plan to test that out next year.

I started practicing lean turns and although I'm still a novice at it I felt very secure in the cockpit. Excellent secondary stability and a great step up from my tried and trusty Pungo (that will be racked with its new "buddy" in the garage this winter).

Great boat and great service from the retailer. No complaints about the seat height at all. If I need to self-rescue I'm going in with a paddle float on the side or bringing it in closer to the shore so I can stand up. No way is this old dude paddling in early spring/late fall waters!