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Name: debcot

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This kayak is an absolute must! I have been kayaking for 14 years with my Frenzy and if anything happened to it I would have to replace it with another Frenzy. It is stable in lakes, rivers, bays and the ocean. I am 51 years old and I can load it in the back of my car on my own. It is been outside for the past 14 years and it has faded a bit (I have the blue one.) but that should be expected. I have tried other kayaks over the years and this one is the most stable. It isn't the fastest kayak if you are interested in racing but it certainly is the most stable. I bought my boyfriend a Frenzy too. He loves it! I have friends who have other brands and Ocean is certainly the way to go. It is very durable. I give this kayak 5 stars!

I own the Ocean Kayak Comfort Pro Backrest. I would recommend it for a Ocean Frenzy. It gives the right support and it is light and not bulky. It stays in place. As I find with all Ocean products, it is made very well. A definite good value! I give this backrest 5 stars!