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Although I've paddled quite a bit, the Seayak I purchased three months ago is my first. I love it! At 5'3" and 120 pounds, I'm probably at the bottom limit sizewise, but I feel secure and comfortable in it. The footpegs are easily adjusted - even on the fly. I agree with the comments about the seat - it's nearly impossible to adjust once you're on the water, and if you do try to adjust it while moving, the back easily comes out of the two slots - but just as easily slides back. My main complaint with the seat is not being able to get the velcro to stay stuck on the bottom, so the cushion moves around slightly. I plan to remedy that with a gel seat.

Tracking is a problem, but she responds quickly to correction. This morning, I was bucking a strong current and a 25 mph head wind, and I was cutting through the waves like I had a motor on the stern! Going WITH the current, I was throwing up a bow wake, so I have no complaints about speed - I have no trouble being a "little" girl keeping up with the "big boys."

Finally, although I initially wanted a fiberglass boat, I decided on the Prijon for durability and easy maintenance. I believe I found it with my Seayak. Besides that, it's the best looking boat in town!