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Name: johnharris

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My wife and I just purchased two drifters. The very first day we took them out in the bay between Ocean City, MD and the mainland for about three hours and had a great time. We went out again the next morning for about 3 1/2 hours in the oppisite direction. When I got tired sitting I stood up in the drifter with no problem. Like all the other reviewers have mentioned, there is plenty of gear storage fore (under deck) and aft (exposed tank well). There seem to be more than enough straps and attachment points. There is even a cup holder between the foot wells. Don't buy the rod/paddle slips. Buy some velcro strips and run them through the attachement points for softer and less expensive rod and paddle holders. After we got our boats home we took them out on a 205 acre mountain lake for the afternoon. They were super quiet. I did lose a front scupper stopper however. Perhaps it snagged and was pulled out as I was crossing a submerged stump or tree limb. Until I lost the stopper the boat stayed pretty dry. My wife's boat, however, took on water even though she had all four plugs in. For a watertight seal, make sure those plugs are in hard, tight and fast.