Name: GMoinAZ

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Hands down, this is THE BEST fishing kayak available! If you're serious about kayak fishing and want the ultimate in hands-free fishing with all of the comfort and stability this kayak offers, then this is the one for you. It is truly a game-changer when you turn in your paddle for pedals! You notice it instantly when you can just steer yourself to the spot you want, all the while having your hands free to make that perfect cast!

The is the true pinnacle of sit-on-top, pedal driven kayaks! An absolute game changer when it comes to a fishing kayak. Stable, steerable, seaworthy, tons of storage, are just a few descriptors of this fishing machine. Is it expensive? Well, yes, as kayaks go, but it is built to last for as long as you'll want it, so in the long run it is worth every penny. The only downside is it is heavy (100+ pounds). I could not see ever owning anything but a PA 14!