Name: lupover

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Purchased this little boat here in Germany a few weeks ago. It's the newest version with nylon webbing seat (I also know the old version with plastik seat but didn't like it). I used it only on calm conditions so far. The hull seams durable and it is stiff, no oil canning. The boat tracks surprisingly good using canoe paddle. It's not for winning a marathon race but speed is ok, not only for use on moving water but also for day trips without current.

I am 6 feet two inch high and 215 lbs. The weight is no problem for this boat but seating was only 6 inches high. I cut the metal plates in two parts and riveted together. Now the seat is about 2 and a half inch higher - much more comfortable and no problem for stability.

The weight is 49 lbs, the Old Town specification is more or less true. This is ok (and very good for poly boat), I can put it on my car without problems.
Good boat, I'm happy with it!