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Name: paddler2114641

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Purchased following a lot of research and trying different Yaks. This is by far the best craft for me. Its narrow and the seating position is as a result not wide. I'm six feet tall 84kg and it fits me perfectly. If your heavier you may find it a tight squeeze and uncomfortable. I didn't find it at all tippy as some suggest. Again weight may effect this? The Tempo cuts through the water beautifully and i didn't find it tracking at all. It was however effected by side wind but not to any great extent. A rudder system would probably rectify this. The toggles to lift the boat at either end and the side handles aren't the best but are functional. I just wish they could incorporate the handles into the molding of the craft.

i would give this Yak 4.5 if I could. Superb for coastal touring and efficient paddling. If you want to go fast with the least amount of effort i would highly recommended this boat. Just bear in mind your size if considering purchasing.