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Name: cgann

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Excellent yak for flatwater, very stable. I got the 12' boat so I could use it on rivers and at the coast. I remove the straps in the back hold area so my dog can ride back there, she loves it. Also excellent for fishing as I had optional rod holders installed by the dealer. The only thing I wish it had were bungee X-straps on the front over the hatch so I could carry additional gear, however those can be added later but it would be nice if the dealer would do so.

Had this boat now for about 7 years. Got it for downriver running. With the generous hold in rear as well as the ability to strap additional dry bags on the back one could easily use this boat for overnight camping if desired. I have a skirt for it but seldom use it unless I am running in class III+ water, which is rare. In TX the weather is warm and the skirt just traps heat and humidity making you uncomfortable. Overall impression is great boat, no regrets.

Bought this yak for the bay and estuaries at the TX coast. Sleek design of sea kayak, excellent stability and the rudder (skeg) make this boat very efficient in open water even with crosswinds. Ample storage with front and rear holds as well as X-bungee straps to lash down extra gear make it perfect for overnights or long day trips. I even plan to use this boat for fishing by lashing on a plastic milk crate on the back to carry my gear, not to fish out of the kayak but to get to desired destinations quickly and easily then wade fish.
Overall, 9 of 10!